#DHTM ~ 1 Engaging tools

In our first session we looked at the engaging and motivating online quiz facility kahoot.

To create the quiz go to GetKahoot, subscribe and make your quiz. Choose any topic that you have been working on. This could be a simple test on recent key words, terms or dates. Or it could be a fill the gap exercise. Indeed, it could be a quiz that demonstrates to you that your pupils have learnt the topic properly.

There are some ‘frilly’ choices to make about whether you would like music playing whilst the girls are thinking about their answers and how long you would like to give the girls to answer the question.

Once you have set the quiz up, launched it and have it open on your computer and have displayed it on the whiteboard, invite your class to search for kahoot.it on their mobile devices or on a computer. Once they have found the site they will be asked for the game pin which they will see displayed on the whiteboard. They should enter this number and then their nickname. They will then see their name displayed on the whiteboard at the front of the class.

When all the pupils have joined the game, you can start in earnest. After each question you will see how many got the answer right and how many chose the wrong answers. The quicker the correct response, the more marks out of 1000 available. At the end go the quiz there will be a winner. You can also be a winner by downloading the excel spreadsheet which gives a detailed breakdown of who got what question wrong or right and if they did chose incorrectly it tells you what answer they chose. This is incredibly useful as the wrong answers can be very telling about their knowledge (or lack of it!)

The game is motivating and engaging and produces great results in terms of learning.

#TIP 1: If you only have access to one mobile device in addition to the teacher’s computer pit the rest of the class against one user and give the class mini-whiteboards on which to write their answers.

#TIP 2: get the girls to subscribe to getkahoot (it’s free) and ask them to write their own quiz. This would really challenge them to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the content studied.


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