#DHTM ~ 2 Lesson objectives

Our second meet of the week looked at lesson objectives.

Wordle or Tagxedo are great online sites which allow you to create Word Clouds where you can put any words of your choice on a particular theme or topic and then choose to display them in horizontal form, as below

les loisirs word cloud

or in a more chaotic manner:


There are lots of levels in between too and a variety of colours and fonts.  Pupils should look for key words and then work out the lesson objectives.  As the lesson proceeds, more can be made of this resource.  In these French examples I could get pupils to make some sentences, or perhaps create their own word cloud (also known as “scatterglories”).  Such word clouds can be used with any age and on any topic.  Perhaps some key words relating to a recent set text in English?  Or some key terms in physics?

#TIP 1:  Add a red herring to see if the pupils spot it and to see if they can work out why it is a red-herring.



2 thoughts on “#DHTM ~ 2 Lesson objectives

  1. Great thing about Tagxedo is that you can choose from a wide range of shapes and common objects related to the topic/ your subject. However opportunities for use in my teaching limited to cover pages and keyword lists.

    1. Thanks Diana. Another great way to use this would be to get your pupils to create lists – perhaps with some odd ones out? What about lists which make your pupils think? Why are these words here? Just an idea.

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