Blog of the Week

Each week the Blog of the Week will appear here.  I hope you can get some ideas that you can use in your classrooms or maybe the blog will just get you thinking….

01/7/14 12 summer tips for teachers how to make the most of your summer.

18/6/14 9 ways fear is slowing the integration of edtech in the classroom.  The digital revolution in the classroom.

24/5/14 How to use the SAMR model for classroom tasks a useful blogpost on the SAMR model (Substitute, Augment, Modify, Redefine) in relation to using technology in the classroom.

19/5/14 What can you do with an ipad in the classroom by @syded Director of innovation and learning at Stephen Perse Foundation schools. An old blog that re-appeared this week and is well worth a read.

12/5/14 Peer to Peer Fear or Hear? by @TeacherToolkit – In house Teach Meets vs Teach Meets involving teachers from other schools.

27/4/14 iPad apps to get you started from @josepicardoSHS – a brilliant and thorough review of lots and lots of apps that you could make use of in class.  They are neatly organised into general apps and then by subject area.  Definitely worth a look.

30/3/14 On dichotomies from @LearningSpy Progressive and/or Traditionalist approach.  A thought provoking piece and one that sparked some discussion on the twittersphere.

17/3/14 Learning with Mr Clarke in 1985 an example of good teaching practice in 1985. Mr Clarke was a Chemistry teacher who set high standards.

10/3/14 Using twitter in the classroom by @MrsWideensClass explores how to make the best to use twitter to enable connectivity and collaboration.  An interesting read.

03/03/14 Learning in the 21st Century – Policy lessons from around the world  Why we need to prepare our pupils for a rapidly changing world.

23/02/14 ~ Children should be seen and not heard? Blog on Student voice by @Rory Gallagher a language teacher who is keen to get it right for his students.

10/02/14 ~ Educational theory considered.  How would Celestin Freinet, French educator and reformer who died in 1966 have incorporated social media into his theories about education.  Freinet and social media

03/02/14 ~ Making use of the old fashioned post-it note.  Some great ideas here….Clare Seccombe blog

27/01/14 ~ Is feedback all it’s cracked up to be?  Check out this blog for Andy Day’s thoughts on the subject:


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