I think therefore I blog – your chance

Do you have something you want to share?  think blog

Some thoughts on a particular series of lessons that went well?  Or perhaps you have some new technique that’s working for you, some ideas about methodologies or a particular pedagogy that interests you?

Perhaps you don’t have your own blog?

yrblogThen this page is for you.

Here’s the place to share your ideas.  Submit your blog post and it may appear here.

The idea of this blog is to share ideas, to collaborate and learn from each other.  Whether you are in your first year of teaching or your last, whether you are a linguist or a scientist, if you wish to share your thoughts in a blog post then send them this way.


Here’s what to do…

  1. In a word document write a blog post – get those thoughts on paper.
  2. Include diagrams, links, pictures if you wish
  3. Include some details about yourself (for example, who you are, where you teach, and what you teach)
  4. Send them to basnettj@downehouse.net




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