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Useful Apps – Part 2

There are so many apps available and it can sometimes be hard to know exactly which ones to use.  With a few weeks experience of our class set of iPads behind us it would be useful to reflect on apps that have been used and what has been successful (or not).

Nearpod is a tool that allows you to “create, engage and assess” pupils.  nearpod1Through your computer  or your mobile device you can create presentations, find other multimedia presentations or upload previously made presentations to share with classes on a mobile device or a computer.  One of the benefits of Nearpod is the control that you can have over class activity.  It provides a good opportunity to manage the class effectively as they are focused on the work you are sharing with them.  Perhaps even more important is the ability to get the pupils to interact and be engaged through a variety of activities such as  quizzes, polls, surveys and drawing interactivity.  At the end of a session it is possible to view pupils results for any quiz or survey that has been undertaken.  The pupils found it really useful to be able to watch and watch again a video and they all enjoyed the quizzes that they undertook.

Another app that has been mentioned positively is Sticky – Beautiful Notebooks which is a place for noting down information, ideas, and discoveries perhaps from some web-based research or from some class surveys.  It is easy to use and can be used for a variety of purposes.  The pupils have used it now in a number of lessons and are beginning to become accustomed to it and can use it to its full extent.  Completed stickies were air dropped to the teacher’s iPad and then printed out for the pupils to keep in their folders.  Their notes, researched and created by them.   This is a simple tool but very effective. 

The final app that is being used on a weekly basis by  @ARG_Geog_CA with Year 7 is KidBlog. It is a perfect place to start pupils blogging and writing their thoughts and ideas. The class teacher can password protect the blogs and easily monitor what is going on in each blog and pupils can begin to understand the social media world that is very much a part of their future.  This is definitely one to explore further. 


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