Useful Apps

There are  a whole host of apps out there that we can employ.  Most are free and can play a part in lessons across the curriculum.  Here are a few to get you started.

ShowMe is a great app which you can use as a simple whiteboard for pupils to write some quick responses and display their answers.  It can also be used to create, annotate and voice record a tutorial.  The pupils could create a tutorial for others in class.  The web page has lots of great examples of the app in use in a variety of subjects.

Explain Everything is a presentation app where you can create new presentations or import ones you have already made in powerpoint.  It makes for easy presenting in class and gives you the added benefit of recording a voice over to create tutorials.  Explain Everything allows you also to annotate, highlight, pinpoint with arrows and so on as you are presenting.  Beware – you do have to pay a small sum for it.

Socrative is a “student response system” which allows you to set up a variety of quizzes – multiple choice, true/false, short answers, end of unit quizzes.  You can run the quiz from your computer and the pupils respond using their mobile device or ipad or laptops.   The system gives you full and detailed feedback about how your pupils did in their tests.

Popplet is a very simple mind mapping tool that is available online as well as on a mobile device.  Great for creating revision notes or summing up key points of a topic.

Decide Now a very simple app that acts like a spinning tool.  You decide what your topic areas are or the questions you would like answered and then let your pupils spin the wheel and let them take it from there.  A great plenary? Or perhaps a way to set the lesson objectives?



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